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Davis Restaurants

When we moved to Davis a couple of years ago, we were clueless as far as restaurants. In an effort to foster discussion, here are some of our reviews:

1. Sushi

Moshi Moshi Sushi: Expensive and not terribly impressive.

Fuji Sushi: Awesome -- fantastic spider rolls, shrimp tempura rolls, and spicy tuna rolls. Stay away from the fried bananas -- the tempura batter on them tasted like shrimp, and they come with tempura sauce (???) instead of something sweet and creamy.

2. Chinese

Hings: Uninspired "standard" chinese restaurant fare. The staff are incredibly friendly and you get lots of extras with your (cheap!) dinner, like salad, soup, tea, fried won tons, and dessert free. A good place.

3. Thai

Sophias: Food is overpriced and not very good. Drinks in the bar are excellent (love the mojitos!), but bar appetizers are way overpriced.

Thai Bistro: Food is overpriced. The young coconut flesh soup was incredible, if a little mild. The yellow curry was very bland.

4. Pizza

Woodstocks has a great whole wheat crust that really makes the pizza. Great beer selection. Atmosphere is ho-hum, but this place makes the best pizza in town.

Steve's Place has good, if expensive, pizza and an adequate beer selection.

Pizza Guys has CHEAP pizza for delivery.

Papa John's has great pizza for delivery -- our personal favorite if we're going to be eating in. Always ask what the specials are -- you'll definitely save a few bucks this way.

5. "European"

Sudwerks is very pricey. The food is very good, if heavy. The beer, however, is to die for. Frequent live music and a nice outdoor beer garden make this a fun place.

6. Mexican

Dos Coyotes in South Davis is fast, cheap, and good. They regularly have great "interesting" specials -- turkey burritos, quesadillas with apple, brie, and chicken, and salmon burritos to name a few. The sangria is yummy (and you get a generous portion for the price), but beware the sangria hangover! Your best bet is one of their chicken and X (where X is any of: red pepper, corn, apples and brie, grilled onions, jalapeno cream, hickama, etc.) quesodillas. Can't really go wrong with one of their salads either. Dirt cheap -- not much more expensive than Taco Bell, but a helluva lot better.

7. Other

Kathmandu Nepal is very good, if expensive. The Chicken Tika Masala and Shrimp Tandoori are quite good (but beware the "fish" Tandoori). You're better off ordering individual dishes than ordering one of the dinner sets -- they usually include something incompatible with "American" palates. Best bet is to buy dinner or lunch from this place's booth during one of the farmer's markets -- it's much cheaper and you get a nice selection of chow.

London Fish and Chips: Next to Sophia's. AWESOME. The best fish and chips that we have ever had ... and that includes both in London and on the coast with fresh fish. The owner is ridiculously nice and the food is incredible. Don't bother with the "sea legs" or shrimp -- go straight for the fish. Coat heavily with vinegar and tartar sauce, grab a swig of Anchor Steam beer, and gobble away. Cheap too.

8. Desert

Ben & Jerry's v. Baskin Robbins -- I'm all for Baskin Robbins simply because they have my favorite ice cream flavor -- Peanut Butter and Chocolate. They're cheaper than Ben & Jerry's too -- especially on Tuesday nights ($0.99 scoop night!).

9. Coffee

The Border's cafe makes OK coffee, but we drink our caffeinated delights at Borders more than any other coffee place in Davis because (1) you get to read books without paying for them while you're drinking coffee; (2) we study a lot there because it's fairly quiet, has ample seating, and is open late; and (3) there's not much else open in Davis around 10:30. (At least before IHOP, but ... blah.)

Starbucks is evil, expensive, and has very few tables.

Common Grounds has really comfy seats, but closes super early -- 9pm (and you get glares if you show up around 8:30). It is within walking distance of our apartments ... but so is the Starbucks at Safeway. Even if Starbucks is evil and expensive, the "buy 7 and get the 8th free with your Club Card" makes this our second most frequented coffee shop.

Haven't tried Mishkas yet.

Cafe Roma (near Bogey's Books) is funky -- lots of weird books to read, shabby couches and cast-off furniture galore, and free bagels if you're there at closing (10pm). A fun place.

Please write with comments and suggestions! There are still a TON of places we have yet to try; dying to hear from someone who has been to Sogas or that Czech place. We're also looking for the best Chinese and Thai restaurants in Davis.
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